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Thickbox is okay but a nice guy like nextGEN for managing galleries and albums is much better.

In yet another trial post i am going to test a few feature of the nextGEN gallery.

This is the browswer feature


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Don’t like that it refreshes the page every time you go to the next picture, but i like when you click on the picture brings out the over lay just like you will see in the gallery.

This is the gallery feature

Shows a preview of all the photos and you can click and navigate in them with an overlay, sweet if you want people to see a thumbnail of all the photos.

These two feature, the gallery and browser are my favourite

One deficiency I can already sport with nextGEN gallery which Tony Wu aka StillLive brought to my mind while chatting about this stuff yesterday is when you are navigating between pictures on the overlay, you can’t do it with a tap of a key left / right, you always have to use the mouse.

So whatcha think?



  1. Tony says:

    Sweet! The large panorama looks really cool when it goes full screen. Definitely has the WOW factor that adds a polishing touch to the new theme that you’ve installed!

    Came to my mind just now. You could add a bit of code to the plugin, to allow the keyboard navigation to work! Let’s try that!

  2. admin says:

    I presume you going to write the code for me right ?

    Trying to edit the sidebar but its a night mare, need help.

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