Saving commute money with barclays cycle hire scheme TfL

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It feels like I start with all post promising to post more

This time I’m writing about how I am saving a bundle every way by commuting to work with the barclays cycle hire scheme rather then Bus/Tube.

I bought a bike about a year ago, cheap a bit broken from thinking I got a bargain, just need to fix something here and there. Truth was I have never been bothered and therefore never cycled into work or anywhere for that matter.

Along came this scheme from TfL sponsored by Barclay to hire a bicycle just around the corner from me and drop it near work. The benefits is I don’t have to maintain the bike, I don’t have to worry about anything apart from paying and driving it. The downside is I need to go somewhere to find it, there might or might not be available.

So let’s get down to numbers. How much do I spend a year travelling to and from work yearly.

365 days a year of which I commute 231 (excludes holidays and weekends)

I travel by bus and tube, depends all the time. Day return by bus is 2.4 and tube is 3.2 so lets average it at 2.8 a day.

The expenditure comes to a grand total of 646.8 pounds a year.

The cycle hire scheme costs 45 pounds a year and because I cycle to work in less then 30min it’s free (check out the full costs here). That reduced my year commute from 646.8 to 45 or 2.8 a day to  just under 20p a day yes 20 pence’s a day.

I cycled to and from work today and my first impressions of the bicycle are good, only negative is the saddle but maybe I’m not adjusting it properly, I shall post a more in depth review of the bicycle another time.


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