Migrating from iOS to Android

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After long and arduous deliberation I have ditched my iPhone 3GS for a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, pure google goodness of Ice Cream Sandwich aka Android 4.x

Why did I move to Android?
For as long as I can remember whenever a friend of mine asked me Android or iOS which one should they go for I have always said Android. In my heart I didn’t want to move to android, I had grown accustomed to the quirky things of the iPhone, I didn’t want a sub par camera on the GN compared to iPhone 4S super camera but in the end I had to practice what I preached.

72h of Android what do I think of it?

It’s good, it’s different, I am happy with it, I can live with it.
Just like how I moaned about little things on iOS when I first got my iPhone the Android OS has it’s own little quirks. With time I am sure I will get used to them just like I did with the iOS.
Bottom line is Android is pretty good, not light years in front nor light years behind Apple. It’s just a different approach but you can do just the same. Sometimes better sometimes worse but I think they are on par with each other.

What differences have I noticed?

They are about the same, all the main apps I used on iPhone are available on Adroid, don’t let that be the reason why you don’t migrate.

+ Android
So much easier to upload music, pictures and videos. You don’t have to convert things into apple format, you don’t have to use iTunes, just drag and drop it to your phone and it works.
Multi tasking did not work great for me on the iPhone, not sure if that is because I had it jailbroken and unlocked or not but multitasking is great on Android. An example of this is whatsapp staying connected all the time even when I open other apps.

+/- Android
This one is a bit biased as I am a heavy google user but I only had to login once with my email and password and all my contacts, calendar and email were sync. Absolutely love it how little I had to do to get it set up. It is fairly easy on the iPhone as well but more clicks and options.

+ iPhone
Gallery – I am not keen on the way the gallery work on Android. All my music albums show as folders with one picture on it. It’s not easy to manage the folders, deleting a picture takes a lot of clicks.
Camera – The camera is not a problem of Android more with the hardware, but the camera is sub par to be honest. The Samsung Galaxy S II which has been released a long while now compared to the GN has a better camera.

So in general I am very HAPPY with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
If you are thinking of going from Android to iPhone or vice versa don’t hesitate. It’s not that difficult to be honest. (unless you are a apple fan with your iCloud everything and apple macbook laptop and apple tv, then fair enough stick with iPhone and iOS)


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  1. Liang says:

    I am still stick with Nokia, as I always think smart phone sometimes cost time for aimless clicking and dragging

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