Replacing Nexus 4 cracked screen

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Tips and pictures of my recent geek endeavours of replacing my Nexus 4 screen.


It was a nice summer day in London when my Nexus 4 dropped out of my pocket while I was enjoying the rare sunshine in a food market tucking in a pork belly roll.


After buying a replacement screen from eBay with all the tools I followed these two videos


The main thing that got me was the “heat gun”. As one of the videos suggest use a hair-dryer as most people will not have heat-guns at home. This is particularly useful when removing the cracked screen probably the hardest thing to do overall.



The second hardest thing is removing the battery, the usual tools are okay but I found the width of a filler tool the best tool to help me remove the battery.






Hope this helps you guys out there trying to replace a broken Nexus 4 screen.


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