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New World Stock Market Widget

November 14th, 2008

After some tinkering about i manage to fit in nicely the Stock Market Widget from SaneBull

Great website when it works, i believe it uses a lot of java script and its all interactive (ajax) it doesnt always load if you work in a organization with 100s of firewalls which is my case.

Will keep it short and sweet for now – great for picking stock

August 11th, 2008

It has been a while.


Just bumped into this website via which in turn I found via


So what’s so cool about finziv?


Well they have an extremely powerful search tool for you to find the best stock.
When you have the list narrow down to a few stock you can just over over the price of each individual stock and a graph of historical prices comes up without any delay or an extra popup or window, really user friendly stuff.


Also their SotckMap is rather good and customizable, zoomable, etc…
Just hover over a stock and look at the right hand side for the % gained or lost in the past or current day.


Hope you guys enjoy this website

For my day to day portfolios I use yahoo and google finance both have their Pro and Cons